Your first step to being registered by a Dental Technology Regulator to practice dental technology in Canada.

The Credential Evaluation process consists of two requirements: credential verification and comparing your credentials to the required entry-level dental technology education standard in Canada, which includes experiential hours.

CADTR requires successful completion of a minimum of 1300 experiential hours which is obtained through one or more of a formal dental technology or dental health program, post-graduation dental technology continuing education and field work in Canada or abroad.

How it Works

1. Create a CADTR account in the Online Applicant Portal.

2. Pay the non-refundable application fee. You will have 12 months from the date of payment to ensure that the required documents for credentialing are received by CADTR and the credential evaluation fee is paid.

3. Arrange for the required documents to be sent to CADTR as determined by your route.

Applicants are responsible for any fees associated with this process. Documents must be complete and legible. If the documents are not in English or French, applicants must have a certified translation sent to CADTR.

4. Once CADTR has received the required documents, you will receive a confirmation by email and will be able to pay the credential evaluation fee. CADTR will only evaluate your credentials after the required documents and fees are received.

5. CADTR will assess your credentials and determine your eligibility to write the Dental Technology Entry-to-Practice Assessment (DTETPA). You will receive an email with the results of your credential evaluation.

6. If you are successful, you may apply to take the DTETPA and pay the associated fees.

For complete information on the credentialing process, please see our Credentialing Application Guide.

CADTR Credentialing Policies

2.1 Education Currency

Ensuring that applicants are current in their knowledge.

2.2 Document Submission Timeline

Ensuring a smooth and timely process for all candidates applying for the credentialing education equivalency assessment.

2.3 Supplemental Documentation

Allowing candidates to submit supplemental documentation if they were not successful in the credentialing education equivalency assessment.

2.4 Administrative Reassessment

Allowing candidates to request an administrative reassessment if they were not successful in the credentialing education equivalency assessment.

2.5 Credentialing Results Appeal

Outlining the conditions in which a candidate may appeal the results of their credentialing education equivalency assessment.

2.6 Credentialing Qualification Expiration

Ensuring currency of a candidate’s knowledge and skills and compliance with the Education Currency Policy.

2.7 Dormant File

Defining the time period before dormant applications (incomplete or inactive) are disposed of.

2.8 Fraudulent Irregular Documents and Cheating

All documents submitted to CADTR as part of the credentialing process will be checked to confirm that they are valid and authentic.

CADTR Credentialing Forms