Considering a career in dental technology in Canada?

You’ve come to the right place! This website contains tools, information and resources to help you navigate the registration process and achieve your goals.

Learn about the Registration Process

We will help you understand the path to registration by explaining the three key steps and how they apply to you: Credential Processing, Competency Assessment, and Registration with a Provincial Regulator.

Be prepared with our Credential Self-Evaluation Tool

Before submitting your credentials to CADTR, use our Profession Specific Credential Evaluation Tool to self-evaluate your transcript, course syllabi and practice experience against the minimum entry level requirements.

The Knowledge-Based Assessment (KBA) Practice Tool is a great study aid

Use this tool to prepare for the KBA with practice questions that mimic the content and structure of the actual assessment questions, with study resources to help you along the way.

Tips & Resources for Coming to Canada

We’ll guide you in pre-arrival planning, choosing where to live and practice, and navigating your new work environment. Use our cost estimator tool to help you understand the fixed and variable costs involved.

Please visit our main site for detailed information on everything CADTR: our Registration Portal, documents for download, detailed instructions for the registration process, KBA & PBA exam information, provincial regulator details, news and more.