The following educational institutions represent 6 programs across Canada that you can enroll in to pursue a career in Dental Technology.

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Approved Educators

Approved Educators

Vancouver Community College

The Dental Technology Sciences diploma program is competency based and utilizes a variety of teaching and learning activities to enable students to achieve core professional competencies. Theory and authentic laboratory practical experiences in labs are provided throughout the program. Students will learn traditional and digital technologies used in the design and fabrication of dental restorative prostheses, orthodontic appliances, and implant-supported restorations. Furthermore, throughout the program, students will engage in learning activities including case scenarios, self-analysis, research and oral presentation, group work, seminars, flow charting, planning, brainstorming and role-playing.

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Northern Alberta Institute of Technology

Throughout the program, students will recreate the appearance of natural teeth in fixed restorations such as crowns and implant restorations using porcelain, metal alloys and ceramic materials. For corrective devices like orthodontic appliances, students will learn the physical and biological forces of handling waxes, wires and acrylic materials. Students will have individual workstations in the dental lab, complete with the latest industry-standard equipment, including a press ceramic furnace, digital laboratory scanner, acrylic injection system and pressure thermal-forming machine.

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Manitoba Technical Vocational High School

The Dental Technology and Dental Medical Preparation program is the only high school program of its kind in Canada. Students will learn practical and theoretical components that will prepare them for a career in Technical Laboratory Dentistry.

This two-year program provides technical training, dexterity skills and theoretical knowledge for the fabrication of specialized and customized dental appliances and an understanding of the medical and technical language used in both the Dental and Medical fields. All work is custom made and requires specialized integrated equipment, with specific and specialized dental materials. In-depth study of Anatomy and Physiology is ongoing throughout the program, including a deep learning experience with practical application into digital fabrication of dental appliances. In addition, practical laboratory work is emphasized to better prepare students for employment in the dental laboratory profession. Practical work experience within a Dental laboratory, Denturist Office or Dental office is offered at the second year or post-high level.

Learn more about areas of study, course descriptions and dental employment opportunities upon graduation from high school or post high program. Walk through a virtual tour of the Dental Technology and Medical Preparation lab.

George Brown College

Students in this Dental Technology program will learn the specialized skills of a Dental Technologist. They will learn how to design and fabricate various oral devices that have been prescribed to a patient by a regulated dental practitioner (often a dentist). Devices include appliances like full dentures, partial dentures, crowns, bridges, implant-related restorations, orthodontic appliances and other specialty items. Students will have the opportunity to scan and design using CAD/CAM technology. They will also gain an understanding of the CAM processes of digital dentistry including additive and subtractive manufacturing.

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Cégep Édouard-Montpetit

This program will teach students how to design, manufacture and repair dental prosthesis, as well as appliances on prescription from a dentist, denturist or doctor. Students will be asked to advise them on choosing a material or design that is most appropriate for dentures and that are custom-made according to each patient’s needs.

Students will focus on understanding theoretical concepts and their application on restoration work by studying removable prostheses, fixed prostheses or orthodontic devices. Students will study both traditional manufacturing methods (manual work) and computer-aided design, as well as deepen their knowledge of the different materials and concepts related to dental care.

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CDI College

Please note that CDI College is not accepting applicants in the Dental Technician program at this time. Please stay tuned for updates and check back for more information.

Through a series of lectures, group activities, and hands-on projects, students will gain a fundamental understanding of conventional dental technician practice. They will also learn about computer-aided design and manufacturing of dental ceramics, dental implants, attachments and milling techniques. Students enrolled in the Dental Technician program will also participate in practicum placements where they will have the opportunity to work in a dental laboratory under the guidance of professional dental technicians.

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