The Dental Technology Entry-to-Practice Assessment (DTETPA) measures the Canadian competencies required for entry-to-practice.

How it Works

Eligible applicants may apply to take the Dental Technology Entry-to-Practice Assessment (DTETPA), pay the assessment fee, and schedule an assessment date.

The two components of the DTETPA are:

1. Knowledge-Based Assessment (KBA)

This is a virtually proctored computer-based assessment comprising 150-180 multiple choice, multiple select and image-based questions, taking no more than four hours to complete. See KBA Assessment Handbook for more details.:

Virtually Proctored KBA:

  • allows participants to take the KBA at a location of their choosing
  • monitored from start to finish by a real human and the entire session is recorded
  • cheating is red flagged
  • offered twice a year

Fee for KBA: $700 (fees are subject change annually)

Dates of KBA:

  • Friday, June 28, 2024 Registration is now Open! Application Deadline is June 18th.
  • Friday, November 29, 2024.

2. Performance-Based Assessment (PBA)

The Performance-Based Assessment will consist of 8-12 stations to assess technical and non-technical skills, taking no more than four hours to complete. See PBA Assessment Handbook for more details.

PBA stations:

  • simulates professional practice and set-up “like you’re in a lab”
  • requires participants to demonstrate the entry to practice skills
  • participants are required to bring some tools and supplies
  • offered once a year at locations to be determined annually

Fee for PBA: $1050 (fees are subject change annually)

Dates of PBA:

  • Alberta Dates: October 19 & 20, 2024 (tentative)
  • Ontario Dates: October 26 & 27, 2024

Registration is now Open for October 19 and October 26 dates! Application Deadline is August 30th.

Locations: NAIT, Edmonton, AB and GBC, Toronto, ON.

Note: Space is limited to 24 candidates for each scheduled PBA date. Additional dates may be added if deemed necessary. Assessment dates are subject to change.

Applicants have three attempts to successfully complete the DTETPA components.
Please note: DTEPTA does not apply in Quebec.

CADTR Competency Assessment Policies

3.1 Number of Assessment Attempts

Ensuring only competent candidates successfully complete the DTETPA.

3.2 Rescheduling and Withdrawing

Providing a clear and structured process for candidates requesting to reschedule or withdraw from their scheduled assessment attempt date.

3.3 Accommodation

Providing a clear, fair and transparent approach for assessment candidates requesting testing accommodations due to a disability.

3.4 Administrative Reconsideration

Clarifying the conditions in which a candidate may request an administrative reconsideration and providing a clear and structured approach.

3.5 Administrative Reconsideration Results Appeal

Specifying conditions in which a candidate may request to appeal the results of their DTETPA and challenge the outcome of the administrative reconsideration decision.

3.6 Protocols and Rules of Conduct for DTETPA

Stipulating the rules and expectations of appropriate conduct during a scheduled assessment sitting.

Credentialing Application Guide

4.1 Remediation Guide

All candidates are permitted to take up to a maximum of three (3) attempts to successfully complete both the KBA and the PBA components of the DTETPA. If not successful on the second attempt, candidates are required to undertake remedial activities before their third attempt. For more information on remediation, please see our Candidate Remediation Guide.