The Canadian Alliance of Dental Technology Regulators (CADTR) is a national voice for Canada’s dental technology profession.


CADTR is composed of seven provincial dental technology regulators from across Canada that license over 2100 registered members who practice the profession. CADTR’s members are the dental technology regulators (also known as Colleges) who work collaboratively, demonstrating leadership and accountability on matters which support the regulatory mandate of each provincial jurisdiction to protect the public interest in a consistent national approach.

On behalf of our members, we provide credential evaluation and competency assessment services designed to support and assist aspiring dental technology professionals on their journey to becoming licensed to practice. We review the education and experience of applicants educated in Canada and internationally to determine whether or not they are equivalent or substantially equivalent to approved dental technology programs in Canada. We administer the Dental Technology Entry-to-Practice-Assessment (DTETPA) for both domestic and internationally educated professionals to measure candidates’ readiness for safe, effective and independent dental technology practice at the beginning of their career in Canada.

Provincial Dental Technology Regulators

There are eight regulatory bodies across Canada that are authorized by their respective provincial governments and legislation to regulate the practice of dental technology. They serve to protect the public by ensuring that everyone seeking registration to practice dental technology meets standard qualifications in education and professional competencies. To become registered, an applicant will need to apply for and receive their license through one of the regulatory bodies, according to where the applicant chooses to live and practice. Seven of the eight dental technology regulators are members of CADTR.

Alberta College of Dental Technologists of Alberta
#304 – 13220 St. Albert Trail
Edmonton, Alberta T5L 4W1
Tel: (780) 469-0615
Email: [email protected]

British Columbia BC College of Oral Health Professionals
110 – 1765 8th Ave W
Vancouver, British Columbia V6J 5C6

Tel: 672-202-0448
Toll free within Canada: 1-888-202-0448

New Brunswick New Brunswick Dental Technicians Association
1725 Lincoln Road
Fredericton, New Brunswick E3B 8P4
Tel: (506)451-9199
Email: [email protected]

Nova Scotia Nova Scotia Dental Technicians Association
26 Keating Dr.
West Chezzetcook, Nova Scotia B0J 1N0
Tel: (902) 440-7131
Email: [email protected]

Ontario College of Dental Technologists of Ontario
Tel: (416) 438-5003
Email: [email protected]

Québec Ordre des technologues en prothèses et appareils dentaires du Québec
1200, McGill College, Suite 1500
Montréal, Québec H3B 4G7
Tel: (514) 447-7593
Email: [email protected]

Saskatchewan Dental Technicians Associations of Saskatchewan
P.O. Box 8035
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan S7K 4R7
Tel: (306) 966-5365
E-mail: [email protected]

Governance / Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is the governing body of CADTR. Members on the board consist of one representative from each of the provincial dental technology regulators in Canada. Merging their knowledge and strengths, the Board oversees the overall business of CADTR and makes ethical decisions in the public interest.

Committees of The Board

The Nominations and Finance Committee (NFC)

The NFC responsible to assist the Board by identifying and recommending individuals qualified to become Board Directors, Officers and Board Committee members, annually recommending Directors, Officers and Committee nominees for the next Annual General Meeting and providing advice to the Board on the overall stewardship responsibility for the Corporation.

Credentialing and Assessment Committee

The Credentialing and Assessment Services Committee serves as the oversight for Credentialing and Assessment Services (CAS). The Credentialing service involves reviewing the education and qualifications of applicants to determine whether or not they are substantially equivalent to those educated in a Canadian approved program for dental technology. The Assessment service involves administering the Dental Technology Entry-to Practice Assessment (DTETPA) in a transparent, objective, impartial, and fair manner to determine a candidate’s readiness for safe, effective, and independent practice. The Committee also makes recommendations to the CADTR Board by providing proactive and strategic advice on matters of the CAS.

Credentialing Committee

The Credentialing Committee provides proactive, strategic advice and makes recommendations on matters pertaining to credential evaluation services and the effective delivery of those services to applicants.

Assessment Committee

The Assessment Committee provides expertise in developing, reviewing, revising and setting standards for the Dental Technology Entry-to Practice Assessment (DTETPA) which includes two components: Knowledge-Based Assessment (KBA) and Performance-Based Assessment (PBA).

Appeals and Resource Group

The Appeals Resource Group assists the Credential and Assessment Services Manager in administration of the Appeal policies for credentialing and assessment candidates.